About Amoskeag Industries
  • Amoskeag Industries is a for-profit company owned by approximately one hundred stock holders whose primary purpose is to promote economic development for Manchester. The board of directors, currently made up of seventeen community leaders, meets quarterly to review economic conditions, consider actions that will encourage economic growth, and seek out economic opportunities that will enhance the greater Manchester area quality of life and instill civic pride.

  • Incorporated in 1936 by a group of prominent Manchester, NH businessmen for the purpose of buying the assets of Amoskeag Manufacturing Company out of bankruptcy. Through Amoskeag Industries’ efforts, in conjunction with City officials, thousands of jobs were saved through the sale and leasing of manufacturing equipment and space in the historic Millyard district.

  • Within one year’s time, fifty-four businesses were established in the mill yard such as Pacific Mills, Chicopee Mills, Amoskeag Worsted Mills, and Waumbec Mills.

  • In 1938 the property where the Manchester Armory is now located was conveyed by Amoskeag Industries to the State of New Hampshire, subject to reverter rights.

  • Amoskeag Industries has and continues to hold reverter rights on a number of properties throughout Manchester. Through negotiated release of its reverter rights, or other financial participation, Amoskeag has participated in a number of significant projects and transactions over the years including Victory Park, the Brown Ave. Industrial Park, Pine Island Park, the establishment of the UNH Manchester facility, the sale of the Ash Street School, the City’s original high school, and the Hillsborough County Courthouse-North Project.


Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
  • At the peak, Amoskeag Manufacturing Mills was formed in 1825 and began operations in 1835, occupied six million square feet produced four hundred and seventy one miles of fabric per day and employed sixteen thousand workers.

  • In addition to textiles, steam locomotives, steam fire engine pumper, and steam Powered “horseless carriage” pumpers were produced in the mills.

  • The company provided land at low cost for schools, churches, civic buildings, parks and playgrounds. Amoskeag Industries currently holds reverter rights to many of these parcels.

  • Amoskeag Manufacturing Mills declared bankruptcy on December 24, 1935.